Introduction to English Language Teaching
Daejin University, Fall 2000
Introduction to English Language Teaching, Fall 2000
Prof. Rodney Tyson
An, Jung En
Myung, Jae Sub ("Eddie")
Jang, Yu-jung ("Jessy")
Seo, Mi Ra
Jung, Yu Kyoung ("Audrey")
Song, Hyun-suk
Kim, Jin-il
Yin, Yong Mei ("Lotus")
Lee, Hyun Kyung ("Claire")

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Beliefs about Language Learning & Teaching

Research Presentations:

"Realistic" Storytelling for Children

Using Games in EFL Classes for Children

Teaching English by Using Video

Course Description: This course is intended for senior English majors who may be interested in becoming English teachers at any level. The course will introduce students to basic language teaching methodology and practice. Students will be required to contribute to and lead class discussions of the readings, complete several written assignments, and make one or more class presentations.


1. Essay: Beliefs about language learning and teaching
2. Teacher Interview/Class Observation & Report
3. Lesson Plan & Demonstration Lesson
4. Group Research Project & Presentation


Possible Topics for Projects/Presentations/Demonstrations: Readings will be selected from these books:

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